October 04, 2013

Full Circle

I am amazed that it has been 9 months since my last blog post! I'm not amazed because it's been that long, but because I thought it has been much longer than that! Either way, I'm still here and God continues to work in my life, even if it's in very mysterious and confusing ways. To be honest, I haven't read any of my recent posts (I don't like reading what I wrote, haha!), so I am not quite sure what I even updated. But anyway, here goes the recent stuff. Regarding school, I completed my Certificate in Biblical Studies at Trinity and transferred my credits over to Northwestern Theological Seminary, where I am now pursuing my Bachelor of Theology in Biblical Studies (an online, four-year degree in addition to my General Associates). I am not sure what I want to even do with the degree, but my main purpose is to have at least my Bachelor's degree (and why not have Biblical education in the process?). Regarding ministry, I have been praying to God about what He wants me to do and where He wants me to go. It's been tough since my life seems to have hit a standstill (part-time job, school, and church involvement) with little direction of where to go next. But amazingly, God has opened the door for me to lead and teach the youth group with a friend of mine, Erin, at my church on Wednesday nights! It's quite funny how God can bring certain things full circle after some number of years have passed. If you've read any of my previous posts, you would know that a few years back I wanted to go into full-time youth ministry, but then I backed out of my B.A. in Youth Ministry program because I felt it wasn't for me (looking back now, I see I had unrealistic expectations and was immature). Now, three years later, here I am teaching and connecting with youth on a weekly basis and it has been a wonderful blessing! Ministry hasn't been anything I thought it would be (again, unrealistic expectations), but it has so far been a great joy to me and I thank God that I get to be used my Him to bring His Word to youth! I still don't know what God is doing yet, but I do see things beginning to unfold, one by one, moment by moment. He is so good and faithful! :)

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