March 15, 2012

My Heart, Cravings, and Desires

I never really know how to start off each post and typically I'll sit there and just think of some kind of interesting beginning. This introduction is probably the most honest one by far. But there, I got your attention and that was the main goal!

I'm still working on my big research paper for class and (I guess) it's going pretty well. I'm having a tough time finding three more sources to use, though. Not only that, but I'm also trying to somehow get motivated to work hard on it, which I'm failing miserably at...but all in all, the paper is looking pretty good!

The kick-off of the Missions Conference at my church last night was amazing (for lack of a better word)! The theme this year (which really hits home for me personally) is "A Heart for Missions". Last night, my pastor talked about how to have a healthy heart for missions. Something he said that really struck a chord in me is this: You cannot have a healthy heart for missions, unless you have a healthy heart for God. Wow. But you know, it's absolutely, positively, 100%, without a doubt, true! After all, what is the point of missions? To share the Gospel with people all over the world. And in order to have that heart and desire, there has to be a heart and desire for God first. Jesus doesn't just say that the first and greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind because it would make a good topic for a discussion or Bible study. He also doesn't say it because it sounds it could make a great Facebook status. He calls it the first and greatest command. Not a suggestion, invitation, or a request. A command. How are we going to respond to that command? How am I going to respond? These are things that God has been working on in my own heart for many months now. My desire for Him grows continually.

This past Saturday, I got to hang out with some friends at the Pow Wow festival that happens every year in Seminole. Two of them I knew kind of well before Saturday and two I never met until then, haha! But it was an absolute blessing getting to hang out with some amazing, godly people that night! Lately, I have been craving godly fellowship with some Christians that are around my age, but sadly, I don't know many people like that. I desire to worship, pray, encourage, grow, and just be with them. Being with the group I was with, though, gave me that opportunity to really bond. Although, to be perfectly honest, I felt quite awkward because they all know each other well and I didn't :P But I hung in there and enjoyed the time spent. And once I get to know them better and stuff like that, it will change. It's easier to be more talkative and out-going with people you know, I have learned. It's getting past that first stage that's quite difficult. What was also really neat was how they all didn't want to put a focus on dating and relationships. They loved how they could (being single) all hang out together without any pressure of dating or anything like that! That's awesome! I need a group like that! Especially since they all focus on God and glorify Him in their lives! Praise God I got to have that time on Staurday!

Before I started writing this post, I went through my USB memory stick and found some documents I had written about 2 years ago. They are rough drafts of chapters that I had started writing for some kind of book I aspired to write. Even though I knew, realistically, that I probably wasn't going to get it published, I still wanted to write anyway. What was very cool wasn't necessarily what I wrote, it was how I have changed from then to now. After reading some things I wrote, I was saying to myself, "No, no, no, Zeth, that's not right." I was just surprised at how my train of thought was not 100% biblical back then, but I craved to make it more biblical as I continuously read the Word and prayed. Seeing how I think now and how my worldview has formed from a biblical standpoint, I have matured greatly, and I continue to as well! It was just a blessing reading those "chapters".

My prayer everyday is that I glorify God in my words, actions, and life! And most importantly, being ready in season and out of season to share the Gospel with the people around me!


  1. Dear man of God, Holy and Precious Greetings to you in Jesus Our Lord.

    I have Just read your Writings, Really They are Wonderful and Pleasing To God.

    Dear man of God, I am a Pastor from India. If it is God's will and if it is your will, Please Pray for Our Ministries and for the Perishing Millions in Our Country.

    Dear man of God, I and we Pray to God that HE may Bless you Richly.

    In Christ Alone

    1. Thank you very much, Brother! It's really encouraging to see how a brother in Christ that is thousands of miles away from me is reading what I'm writing and that God is being glorified through it! I am definitely praying for India, the many that are perishing without Christ, and for the ministries God has granted you to be a part of for His kingdom! May the Gospel reach forth to those who are dying in their sins without knowledge of the sacrifice made by Jesus on the cross on their behalf. I am praying for you, Brother! May God's peace reign in your heart and your congregation's hearts! Don't lose hope! Continue to steadfastly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus! God bless you :)

  2. Dear man of God,I am so thankful to you in Jesus Our Lord for your Precious Response.

    Dear Brother in Christ, I and We Pray to God That HE may Use you in His Glorious Service for The Salvation of The Perishing Millions.

    If it is God's will, Please send me an E.mail so that I can tell you about Our Ministries.

    My E.mail is

    In Christ Alone