December 01, 2011

It's That Time of Year Again

The Christmas season is now upon us. I tell you what, each year is going by faster and faster! Unfortunately, I don't think it matters how many clocks I break, it just won't change anything. Oh well, haha!

I really like the Christmas season. Even though I don't get snow, I still like the cooler weather, the smell of chimneys, and looking around at Christmas lights. The sad thing is, with all those things, we are missing it all. In today's world, Christmas is a time of family, gift-giving, baking, Christmas lights, and, in some places, snow. You might as well call it "Mas season" 'cause there sure isn't any mention of Jesus Christ. I used to not get saddened by this fact earlier on in life, but nowadays it seems to bother me a lot. I'm not saying that that's bad; only that, it seems, God is really changing my heart for sure! It's what Christians go through until the end of the age: sanctification. It's the process of God changing our hearts and our lives; making us become more like Him; preparing us for sharing the Good News about Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross! More and more, my mind is conforming to God's likeness and I start to have the same perspective that He has and the same goals that He has. Nothing satisfies me more than that!

I only have three assignments and one exam left of this semester and then I'll have my A.A. degree! God has faithfully pulled me through the amount of work I have gone through and I trust that He will do the same for the next part of His journey for me during Bible college! I have a lot of work ahead, but I'm remaining faithful to His will!

For those of you who are "waiting for God's will in your life", here's my advice: just move. By waiting, it gives you a reason to not do anything, thus resulting in you thinking that God is just going to, at some point, randomly reveal to you His whole plan for you. That's not how God seems to work (and this is according to His word). In actuality, Satan's using that to immobilize you, to prevent the Gospel from spreading. See what gifts God has given you and then just pray and move in a direction. If God doesn't want that for you, He'll close the door and you can get moving again. You repeat the process until you go through the right door and He'll lead you from there. Think of it like a scavenger hunt: each clue leads you to the next clue until you find the prize. Little by little, God will lead you to the next step until the end. Don't expect a revelation in one sitting; expect a lifelong revelation until the day you stand face-to-face with Him! "God cannot steer a parked car."

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