March 09, 2012

Slow Year, but More Opportunities

Well March is here. Some would say that the year is going by so fast ("It's already March?") and others, like myself, would say it's going by quite slow ("It's only March?"). To be completely honest, February was deathly slow. So many events took place in that one month that it was hard to believe it was only one month! I guess the slowness makes up for the years where I don't even remember 2010 or 2011 ever taking place. Rest in the midst of chaos is always nice to have once in a while.

Still, life goes on for me and God continues to guide me faithfully, even when I can get a little stubborn (mainly because of fear) at times. But I am at total peace when I think of how much He is in control, knowing full well that He knows what's best for me. I finished a 500-word paper for school on the roles of the Old Testament prophets and await a grade from my teacher. The next paper? A 1250-2000 word paper on the same topic (from a list of topics to choose from). Naturally I'm going to expand on the previous paper, giving me less work to do.

Next week at my church, we are having our annual Missions Conference! I have never been syked about it the previous 10 years, but this year I am! The Missions Conference is where we have our church-supported missionaries come down to our church and share what God is doing in many other parts of the world. The whole point is to raise awareness of missions work to the congregation as well as provide opportunities for them to get involved. I desire to see what God is doing in many countries around the world and I hope to talk to some of the missionaries as well. Who knows? Maybe God will open some opportunity for a short term trip? It's happened before. I'm not getting my hopes up though; I only want God to lead as I follow.

Somebody in my church who does a lot of prison ministry has approached me on two different occasions, saying that if I'm interested in being a part of prison ministry I should let him know. I would be able to use my musical abilities as well as my ability to communicate the Word of God for His kingdom and glory! So right now, I'm praying about it and seeking God on the matter. I'm not going to just run into anything before consulting Him.

Finally, everyday I am praying that I be ready in season and out of season to share the message of the Gospel to people. Especially at work, there is a great need for that message to be shared there. Unfortunately, I don't get great opportunities to share the Gospel at work, so I rely on the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts there and that my actions confirm my faith. Fortunately, just about all of my coworkers know I'm a Christian, but they also get to see that in the way I act as well. Be praying that I have opportunities to share the Gospel with them!

Each day, I hope and pray that the Light of Christ shines through me in all things I do! I continue to read the Word and pray everyday (early in the morning!) and seeking ministry opportunities. I am becoming more like Christ in thoughts, actions, and words! I desire Jesus! I don't want to be just words, but also actions!

P.S. Feel free to share this blog and/or post with anyone. You have my permission, if you desire to do so. May God be glorified, not me! :)

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