July 17, 2012

Life Continues

Hey all! It sure has been awhile since my last update! I just like keeping you on your toes, that's all ;)

But seriously, all jokes aside, things are going quite well for me. Just been trying to stay in the Word and in constant prayer! The Lord is good through the bad and the good. He has a strange way of doing things in opposition to my plans, which always turns out better than my plans anyway! Reminds me of Isaiah 55:8, 9.

Lately I have been learning about God making me strong through weakness. Not the easiest lesson, I will admit, but I think it will be a life-changing one nonetheless. My desire is to consistently grow in Him and His truth. I know that all sounded kind of vague, but details aren't needed at the current moment. All you need to know is that God is changing me and helping me to grow in ways that I never thought possible!

Many of you may know that I'm a reader and I like to read lots of theology books, whether they are commentaries on books of the Bible or books about Christian growth, like Francis Chan, John Piper, etc. As I have been growing in the Lord and getting to know Him better as well as learning about Him, I have had a desire to write my own book. Actually I have been in the planning stages of a book since 2009, but only recently have I expanded on it and actually started writing it. I would love to at least complete it. Maybe later on I'll send it in for publishing or something. We'll see where God goes with this!

School is still chugging along ever so slowly, but progress is being made. In fact, after I'm done with this post, I plan on working on my paper. After this paper is complete and submitted, I only have two exams and a workbook to complete and then I'll be done! It won't be for a while, but still!

I still continue to pray for guidance from God about where He plans to lead me. Fortunately He gives us people in our lives to counsel us, and in my case it's my dad. We talked about where I see myself going in life, especially ministry, (and most importantly, where God sees me going) and my dad has been very helpful in this process! I want my life to count for Jesus, the Kingdom of God, and the Gospel! After this certificate in Biblical Studies is completed, I need to decide where to go next and I need the guidance of God as much as I can get! Praise Him that He knows what He is doing even when it doesn't make sense to me! To God be the glory!

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  1. The steps of a man are established by the Lord,
    when he delights in his way...
    -Psalm 37:23

    Great post! Just keep pressing in to God my friend! God bless you!