March 19, 2011

Just Another Update

So for the past three days I've been sick and not enjoying it at all. Fortunately I completed all the schoolwork I needed to do for the week, so that makes me quite happy amongst the icky feelings :P Today I went to work and it was no fun, but the day passed pretty quickly for me, thus making me deal with the boredom. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but not when I'm sick, lol! It was all good though, and I got to get a little sleep today, although some dude from Louisiana kept calling me so I finally picked up and said that he had the wrong number. That settled that, haha! And last night I was doing a whole bunch of web cam "video blogs", I guess you could call it, in hopes of posting on of them on Facebook, but it never happened, lol! I figured, "I'm home alone, sick, and bored...I'll make a video". And not too long ago I was just reading some old Breakaway magazines that I have and man let me tell you, I love them so much! It's amazing what I learn whenever I open an issue! Pretty sweet for sure! :D

And last night before I went and crashed on my bed out of sheer weakness and stuffy noses, I went to church to meet up with Pastor Tim in order to give him my volunteer papers, so I'm quite psyched about that! :) I'm not sure what God is entirely up to right now, but at least He knows and I trust that whole-heartedly! I still continue to pray daily, asking Him if this is what He wants me to do because my biggest fear (among many of my biggest fears) is not consulting God before making a big decision like this and I just merely want to do the right thing according to His Will :) But I think it would be oxymoronic (if that's even a word) to be fearful over not following God's Will. I mean, shouldn't I NOT be fearful in this situation 'cause, after all, God IS in control. So, I'll definitely work on that :) God is truly amazing and it is totally worth every step of the way when trusting Him :)

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