March 06, 2011

Following God

   Getting older is no fun. I mean to a point it can be because of the new journey and new responsibilities ahead, but that's just it; new. I'm so used to the way things were back when I was little. And everyone told me to enjoy the years of  "play time" and no college because the rest of your life isn't going be like that. I have now come to treasure those words. Things are different nowadays. Job, school, studying, and a little bit of life's "drama" in the mix as well. It can be scary not knowing what is in store for me...really scary at times. But I trust that God is in the midst of it all and He'll be leading me all the way...the catch? I have to actually follow. As Christians, we talk about following God, we sing about following God, we write Facebook statuses about following God, and, for goodness' sake, we even write blogs about following God. But here's a question: what about following God? I write it that way because we tend to off-handedly say "I'm following God". Saying it is no good really. I can say anything I want without actually doing anything, but it won't make any difference. When we follow God, it doesn't mean consistent church attendance, with bonus points for going to Sunday school earlier in the morning. It doesn't mean going to every youth event in the month, with even a ministry project. It doesn't mean listening only to Christian music or going to a weekly Bible study. Following God is much more than that. For instance, if God said to you, "You want to be a doctor/nurse and you're even going to school for it. But you're not going to be in the medical field professionally. You're going to go to Uganda, live with the people, and help the sick people there. You're not going to have an income. You're not going to have a comfortable place to live. In fact, you're not going to have much at all regarding the materialistic aspect. But you're going to have Me and that's all you need." Could you follow through with that? I mean really think about it, could you? Yes you know you should, but if it really came down to "you're going to give up everything to follow Me and share the Gospel with those who never heard it", could you literally give up everything for that? And maybe it's not about going to another country. Maybe it's about being a part of a ministry here in the U.S. or wherever you live. I ask myself this question all the time. And if it came down to it, I sure hope I would have absolute faith and truly follow through with it. This is what I have been thinking about everyday because I am at an age where new responsibilities and journeys are ahead of me and God is leading the way full throttle. Wherever He tells me to go, I will follow. Even if it makes absolutely no sense as to why I'm going this way or that way. I know it's in His hands at all times, so there really should be no worry. I'm growing up...but it is going to be sooo worth it in the end :) Do you think that?

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