March 28, 2011

It's Been a While...

Wow, it's been a while! I'm not sure what in the world was keeping me from updating for the past few days, but whatever it was, it sure did, haha! Well, quite honestly, there isn't a whole bunch to update on, which is surprising (considering the fact that it has been like a week), but there are still a few things. Last week was the busiest academic week I had and I thought I wasn't going to finish everything in time, but I somehow pulled it off two days prior to Sunday, so that made me quite happy! I was most impressed with my most amazing feat of writing my Humanities paper in two days and getting an A on it :D Pretty cool stuff though. I also had to do a post for Oceanography about evolution, so I presented "evidence" that supposedly supported the theory and then pointed out the flaws in the evidence. Usually I was using common sense about how the evidence wasn't adding up, but I did use a lot of scientific answers to refute the evolutionary evidence as well. I thought I was going to get a lot of hate posts against it, but so far none, lol! Also, it was the longest discussion post I did for any class (about 2000+ words)! Pretty exciting, I guess?? Fortunately, this week isn't so bad and I don't have as much to do, so I think the stress level will be relatively low. One of the big things I'm doing right now is staying off of Facebook for at least a week! I started yesterday and plan on going 'til next Sunday. Who knows? I might even go longer ;) The reason why I'm doing this "lent-ish"- type thing is because I have been on Facebook waaaayyy too much lately and it has distracted me from friends, school, and most importantly, my relationship with God, and that's what I wanted to avoid doing. So I figure that being off of Facebook for a week will probably do more good than harm in the long run. The ONLY reason why I might probably go on at least once this week is if/when I update saying that I updated this blog (which I do every time I update this). And if I do that, I won't be looking at notifications, reading friends' comments, accepting friend requests, or reading personal messages. Now Facebook is good and all, but I see one pretty darn major problem with it and it's this: it tends to take away the value of real friendships and communication. Like, sometimes I find it easier to chat with someone on Facebook rather than in-person and what do you think that will do to me in time? Probably give me even more of a problem with socializing and I'm currently trying to work on it, so FB would be pretty counter-productive. But really more importantly, I want to make sure my relationship with God is the top reason for my living here on this earth, not waiting around for a notification. So yeah, that's just me. But if you're like me and you find yourself on FB more than in face-to-face conversation with someone or just not doing anything else BUT that, maybe you should consider being entirely off of FB for a week and see what that does. I have to admit, it is kinda hard right now, but that shows how much I've been attached to it lately. I tend to struggle with idolatry at times and I kinda don't want to fall into right now or ever, you know what I mean? Oh, and I'm going to be preparing for discipleship of a middleschooler. Mainly, I'm going to be reading, interpreting, and learning more about the New Testament; getting a good Biblical foundation. I'm still praying about Bible college in the future, so we'll see how that goes. But I sure would like to go to a Bible college to get even better equipped for ministry. It's exciting though! May God have all the glory and not me :)

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