June 21, 2011

There Are Only Two Roads...

Have you ever been so thankful for everything that God has provided for you even when you're going through a tough time? Let me tell you, it is absolutely awesome! For the past few days, I haven't been doing well. Let's just say that it looks like I've genetically inherited some disease-ish kinda thing from my dad...In the midst of this trial, I still choose to praise God for the amazing blessings He has bestowed upon me! Another obstacle is in my way, but I choose to glorify Christ and spread the Gospel anyway! I really don't mind suffering as long as I have Jesus!

Man, seriously the fire I have for Christ and the Gospel and knowing Jesus more intimately is huge! It's not some tiny spark, it's a huge flame! I've been praying for the desire to desire Jesus and God has totally answered! I've been so addicted to the Bible too! I have been reading a lot of the New Testament, getting a grasp of where everything is, and trying to equip myself for the time when someone wants to hear the Gospel! I'm gonna be memorizing more Scripture and actively living my life for the sake of Christ! I've been challenged and convicted by what the Scriptures say regarding how believers are to live their lives and quite frankly, I don't see any change in Christians that are in the church these days! The Bible is pretty clear when addressing the fact that Christians are to stand out from the world. In James chapter 4, it says how friendship with the world is hatred toward God. That's pretty serious when you think about it. Many Christians nowadays think they can have the "best of both worlds" and still be "christian enough". According to the Bible, that's not the case. I'm following Jesus the way Scripture says we are ought to. There are only two roads: the narrow road which leads to life, and the wide road that leads to destruction; there is no middle road. I'm taking the narrow road!

I continue to ask for God's guidance and wisdom regarding aspects of my life. Matthew 6:33 comes to mind regarding my needs in this life. In fact, Matthew 6:25-34 all comes to mind, haha! I choose to set my eyes and mind on Christ and sharing the Gospel; God will provide my needs accordingly! What comfort :)

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