February 06, 2011

Why the Brokeness?

   The past few days have been...um..."adventurous", if that's what you want to call it. Work has been the most interesting lately because of the fact that I've had more of a realization of how broken our world really is. I like to have that kind of "revelation" re-revealed to me from time to time. For instance, at work I saw a guy looking at pornography on the computer so I reported him. I mean just to think that this man is so lost that he wallows around in the degradation and objectification of women to satisfy him! My feelings for him weren't of hate or dislike, but of actual sadness because of his lost state. Many people may have heard of Jesus, but most of the time He is just "a man" to them and they don't realize the gift He gave to them. They would rather immerse themselves more in every sinful act because it's "fun" than even give a  thought of hearing about Christ. And the worst thing is, is they always "feel something missing" every time! It's frustrating and sad to see. Another incident at work expresses this state of people. Yesterday (Saturday) we had a volunteer at the library and she was probably in her early to mid-twenties. She noticed my mellow attitude and how I just did my work without complaining or showing any sign of disgust. So she told me that I look tense and that I need to just loosen up. She asked if I had been to any crazy parties, took drugs, or gotten drunk. When I said "no" to all of that, she said I was wasting my life and that I need to have fun and get drunk because it's "fun". She laughed at my responsibility with my finances and kept on talking about my "wasted life". She then asked if I was a "church boy" and I said that I'm not a church boy, but that I do go to church and worship God (I should have used the term "follower of Christ", but I didn't and I still regret it). She continued to persecute me for that and my decision to be Christ-like. And you know? I didn't feel hurt about being made fun of, but I felt more pain for her and her lostness. She gets drunk, gambles, and parties in order to have fun, but she has no idea how much she is wasting her life instead of me! It was quite an experience and it was the first time I was heavily persecuted for my faith and decisions. I still pray for her and hope she will see the Truth instead of chasing the meaningless lies of Satan.

   And I want to touch back on the objectification of women for just a bit. It makes me pretty upset seeing how boys and men would look at women in such a sexually explicit manner! Why can't they see women for who they are and not what they look like?! Why can't they love their girlfriends or wives for their character and the person they are instead of sex partners?? It's insane! I know I hate accidentally seeing any pornographic images (just like at the library the other day) because I want to save my eyes for my future wife! Objectification of women makes me mad and so many Christians slowly start to accept it as normal!! Why is that?!?! I mean it's one thing to accidentally see skimpy images of women, but to intentionally look?? That's a whole different story! Anyways, I just needed to get this stuff off my mind and out because otherwise it eats me up inside. God is amazing and better than anything this world offers and my vision and hope is that everyone (Christians and non-Christians alike) will see that!

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