January 30, 2011

The Game of Life...Not a Game

   If my brain was the ocean, it would be stirred up in a bad storm. I think too much. Everything from school assignments being due, paying my bills, figuring out what college to go to, how to get into youth ministry, getting a wife, raising kids, you get the picture. Perhaps I think a little too much, you know? It's tough though. I'm now at an age where everything I've ever dreamed about being a "grown-up" is becoming a reality. I have a car, a job, an education that somehow (I believe because of God) I'm able to afford, and now, lately, I've been thinking about the rest of my future. Where is God gonna place me with the ministry He has called me to? Am I ever gonna get married? Will I raise kids at some point in life? I would love to see my future, yet I'm glad I don't. I'm sure it'd be a scary thing to see at my age. Seriously, my life is slowly unfolding. I'm beginning to see the greater things God is doing and it's pretty mind-blowing. I'm afraid of what might happen in the near future. Decisions are gonna have to be made and I just hope with His guidance that I make the right ones. I've been thinking about going to a Bible college to continue my education in Biblical studies. I found a Bible college that actually has online classes, which would allow me to keep my job and still get my AA degree in pastoral leadership (where I think God is leading me). I may have to sacrifice a lot in order to follow Him. What or who will I have to give up for His sake? Only time will tell. I just hope I have people and friends sticking by my side through it all :) As Gandalf the White says, "The board is set, the pieces are moving". That they are....

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