May 27, 2011

Why Worry? God Provides!

So much has been going on lately! I mean really, it can be quite amazing how one second your life is kinda slow in a sense and then BOOM! things pick up again! I'm not saying it's always enjoyable, but it can be quite overwhelming and interesting at times :P

I finally started my online summer class, which is turning out to be pretty easy at the moment, but I don't want to speak too soon, you know? So far it's actually been math that I actually am going to use! I guess I have been so used to stupid Algebra that I forgot what REAL math is! But for sure, I'll be done before I know it!

I now have a new obsession and I am enjoying it! I'm now hooked on the show CSI: Miami! I know it's kinda random, but one day I was thinking to myself, "Hmmm, what should I watch on Youtube?". I then remembered that me and Sarah were talking about Law and Order, CSI, Criminal Minds, and the like. I then thought, "I'll watch CSI!" And so now, I'm liking it! Now I'm thinking of buying the first season on DVD because I can't find any more available season 1 episodes online :P How dumb is that?? lol! But it's all good I guess...haha!

Man, this summer better kick in soon! I think, or at least I hope, it will be a good one! I can't count on it, but a man can hope, can he? Unfortunately, I can already think of a few things that are gonna mess up my summer right now, but I'm not gonna think too much about it right now, which I think is a wise choice :) I'm quite optimistic, which at times can feel like a curse, but I figure it this way, "better that than being so negative all the time".

Have you ever prayed to God like crazy about something?? Not something for you to gain (in fact it's the opposite), but for someone else's gain? Yeah, that's what I'm experiencing right now... I won't go into details, but I'm just concerned about something that has been bothering me like crazy for the past few days :P I'm trusting that God will work things out perfectly and it will all be okay :) That's all I can really do...well...not entirely, but mostly.

Last, but not least, a pretty huge thing happened this week that I'm so excited about!! Well, you all know that I've been interested in going to a Bible college in order to get the education and training I need for youth ministry, but the only problem was that it is pricey. Not only that, but also I needed to somehow keep my job, otherwise I would pretty much be stuck. I know God could provide all of that, but I needed something convenient, so I asked Him to provide an opportunity for me to get the education I need for an affordable price and, preferably, maybe even online. Some Bible colleges offer only a few course online, but not every single one. Well, in a last attempt to find something, I Googled "Online Bible/colleges" and you know what I found? An online Bible college! Typical result, I know. Now it's not your ordinary Bible college, but I read into it and even wrote the president of the place. Basically, it's an all online university that offers all of the same classes any other Bible college offers in an AA degree in Biblical Studies plus more that train in ministry! But here's the kicker: it's all FREE! Yes, I know, it's sounds kinda sketchy, so I prayed about it, read about it, and asked questions to the president of this program. This is their ministry. What they focus on is actually training people for ministry. Not just head knowledge, but real training as well as knowledge! They really focus on "equipping the saints". Basically, if I were to do these courses, it would take about two years to complete everything; it's all online; I would get to keep my job, which means I would get to keep my car; I could stay home and get to be with friends and family and not have to spend any money on the classes. So, if it turns out to be a dud, I won't waste any money, which obviously is great! :D So, once I finish my AA degree at SPC this fall, I plan on starting these courses next spring semester, Lord willing of course! It's an amazing opportunity God has opened up! It may not be the number 1 path people interested in going into ministry would take, but there isn't just ONE solution for every person desiring to get into ministry. We'll see where God takes this. I'm still continuously praying :)

God really does provide for our every need :)

Matthew 6:25-34

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