January 19, 2011

Being the Story

So last night before I went to bed, I wanted to have a quiet time of prayer and meditation with God. I just talked about anything and everything on my mind. That's what is so awesome about a relationship with Jesus: when you pray, it's the same way you would talk to any of your friends. I mean really, would you go up to your best friend and say, "Dear 'So-and-So', thanks for coming over and hanging out with me. I hope we have a great time...", I think you get the point. But no, you wouldn't interact with your best friend in such a robotic way, you say things like, "Hey man! What's up? Let's go eat somwhere...", and that's the way we can interact with God; merely talking to Him, hanging out with Him, telling Him what's bothering you or what you're excited about. That's a relationship and it's pretty amazing! So last night, that's what I was doing, just talking to Him. And then I asked that He speak to me something, anything, any kind of message that I need to hear. What the message would be, I don't know, it's up to Him. See sometimes I don't know what to ask to hear; in fact I think asking God to speak something, even if it's something you DON'T WANT to hear is the way to go. Lots of times, what we don't want to hear is what we NEED to hear. So after praying that, I opened up the Bible and used the devotional "Our Daily Bread". And no, "Our Daily Bread" isn't for old people, there are some amazing things God has spoken to me through that devotional. I encourage any believer to try using any kind of devotional for their daily walk with Christ 'cause it isn't easy to figure out WHAT to read in the Bible on your own. The guidance is always a good thing to have :) So last night's devotional was about "writing a book". The passage was Jeremiah 31:31-34 and the accompanying passage, which was basically the main passge used, was 2 Corinthians 3:3. This passage talks about how as Christians, our lives are supposed to reflect the life of Christ in such a way, that people will see Jesus when they see us. The author also explained how when someone writes a book about life or aspects of life, it doesn't really matter what he or she says if it's not being actually LIVED out by the author as well. So I thought about that last night and realized that this is one of the reasons why this blog exists for me; it's to be a blessing to anyone who reads it because what I am writing is what I am living. I am not making any of these things up; it's how I think, it's how I live, it's REALLY what God is doing. As I said to someone, "Why should I experience what God is doing in my life and not share it with others?" You never know how what you might say or do or what you experience can affect someone else; even change them. I am not trying to draw attention to myself, but only to God and His awesome nature. And my prayer every single day is to live my life where if I was a book and someone was reading it, they would see Jesus within the pages (from "Our Daily Bread). So I don't just want to have a story, I want to BE the story!

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