January 24, 2011

Where God is Working, Opposition Makes Its Way

    Getting more knowledge of God, His Word, and sacrificing everything to follow His calling in my life; growing in my relationship with Him more every day; talking to Him and receiving His responses in His Word and through other believers does not make Satan very happy. The more I've been desiring God and His Will for my life, the more Satan likes to come in and discourage me. I knew this would happen at some point because Satan can't tolerate when any believer is getting closer to God. I'm not saying I'm better than anyone because I'm growing in Christ and giving up things and risking my life for the ministry He is calling me to. I'm not! I never consider myself better than anyone, especially when it comes to faith in Christ! And never get that idea about me. I admit that I've thought that about other believers who were so on fire for God. And I'm not proud of that. Experiencing what they experienced has changed my mind about the many believers I have judged ever so wrongly! I'm stepping out of that mindset.

   So, as I was saying, Satan has been putting attacks on me now and it's pretty easy to tell when it's him. Jesus said that the thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. If you experience discouragement that is draining you of your passion for God or your life in general, that's probably Satan trying to drag you down. He wants to kill the relationship you have with Christ and he wants to destroy it! That's his mission. The further you are away from God, the less Satan will attack because why would he waste his time on someone who isn't a threat to him? On the other hand, if a believer in Christ is continually growing in Him, Satan feels threatened because he knows God is going to use that person greatly to spread the Gospel, and he can't tolerate that! Pastors, missionaries; anyone in some sort of ministry that is advancing the Gospel and God's unconditional love to the lost people of this world experience more spiritual warfare than those who aren't living their lives completely to Christ. That's what sometimes makes me afraid of getting into ministry. I know Satan's attacks are going to be prevalent. But even though Satan is stronger than me, God is stronger than Satan! I have nothing to fear with God by my side! If God is for us, then who can be against us? Spiritual warfare is as real as your hand in front of your face. It's not a ploy to keep Christians in check. It's reality. And ignorance of that is the first step for Satan to take in order to bring you down. I'm gonna rely on God and His truth! Pray for me...the changes God is making in my life can be scary sometimes because I know I'm setting foot on a risky path that God is in control of. I'm trying to get used to it as much as I can. It's real. It's happening. It's God!

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