January 18, 2011

Perhaps some of you wondered where in the world I came up with the title "Just Passing Through" for my blog name. Well, here is what it means: the life I have here on this earth is only a stop on the trip to the main destination. Heaven is ultimately where I will end up when I'm through with this life. But for now, in this life, I'm just passing through. Which brings me to another thought. A lot of people, unfotunately even Christians, get sooooo caught up in what this life offers that their eyes are averted from the real reason why they're even here; why they exist. That's a big danger and one Satan takes the opportunity to use against us. I, along with many others, struggle with idolatry. Some may say, "Well I don't bow down to a statue of any kind", but that doesn't matter. Idolatry is having another god before the true God. Whatever it is we treasure above anything in our lives is an idol. This is a HUGE lesson God has been teaching me of late. I'm so thankful and grateful for the many things God has provided me with and the people he has brought into my life, but the thing is...my heart, over time, went over to the gifts He gave to me, causing me not to acknowledge the Giver. And He sure showed me how much control He is in. He took one of my gifts from me; a gift I thought about all the time and even treasured above even God. That's where I made the mistake. And sadly, I actually realized I was falling into idolatry at the time, but I figured He would help get me out of it....I was wrong. In order for me to change, I have to be willing to and actually put forth effort into seriously changing. But I wasn't doing that. So I had a huge wake-up call and now I'm gonna respond; I'm a little late, but I'm still gonna respond. Fortunately, and by God's grace, He didn't entirely take this gift from me; He only...changed the circumstance. But I'm not complaining, I'm thankful for what happened, for who knows where my heart would have ended up if He didn't intervene. So for the past few months, I have had a strong desire to get right with God; back to where I was before the many recent blessings entered my life. And it's been amazing!! One thing God has laid on my heart, is the passion to show teenagers how amazing God is and to turn their eyes from the petty things of this life that they put pretty much all of their focus on. Especially in Christian teens. This world has become so materialistic that God is starting to fade from view and it totally pains me (and really, my spirit is in complete anguish) when I see that happen. With that and other happenings in my life, I know that youth ministry is where God is calling me. And more recently, I've been seriously considering maybe pastoring. I don't know yet, I'm still praying a lot about it. But just knowing that I'm 19 and I'm really excelling in college and now that I have SO many new responsibilities in my life, I know I have to start thinking about what I'm going to do with my life. Well actually, what God is calling me to do in my life. I mean even marriage is more on my mind (I'm not saying I'm planning on geting married in the next year or two, but I take dating VERY SERIOUSLY, considering if the person is someone I would like to one day marry). Life for me has REALLY been changing lately and it can be scary big time, but it is quite exciting all the same. Will I be a youth pastor? And if not, where will God place me? That can only be answered in time, which means I may have to wait a while before anything actually begins to take major shape. Things are already taking shape; more like preparations. And one thing I have to get used to is giving up some things and people so that I can follow wherever God leads me. Believe me, I had to already give up stuff and it was and STILL is hard for me. But I know it's best and it will continue to mold me into the person God desires for me to be. If anyone is actually reading this, I ask one thing of you...please pray for me. Everyday. It's a battle I'm fighting and I need all the support and love I can get :) I need the strength to carry out what God is calling me to do so that I can hear Him say, "Well done, Zeth...my good and faithful servant." Until then...I'm just passing through...

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