January 17, 2011

This Should Be Fun

Okay, so I was thinking a lot and one of the things that "popped" into my head was to make a blog. If you don't know, I like to talk a lot (believe it or not) if you really get to know me. So I thought, "Why not do all my talking and post my thoughts or anything I'm thinking on a blog?" So that's what I'm doing, lol! But really the main reason for doing this is to give you all a glimpse into my life everyday and to share what God has been doing in my life and what He will continue to do. I figured some of you might actually be interested in hearing about that stuff. So now you can all "take my life's journey with me", so to speak. I know I personally LOVE reading others' blogs because, well, people's lives fascinate me. Not in a stalking manner, but...well I don't know really HOW to explain it, but I know I understand, haha! One thing I really love is getting to know others' backgrounds; where they come from, what they experienced, and how all that contributed in getting them to where they are now. Some of you have asked me what God has been and is doing in my life, so now you have the chance to see that as it all is revealed to me too. I really don't know how often I'm gonna update this blog, but I have a feeling (giving the fact that I actually like to write and there is always something on my mind that I'd like to share with others) that it will be quite often. Maybe every other day or whenever I just wanna say something. So I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I'm enjoying it right now, lol!

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