January 20, 2011

So Much Happened, Much More Will Happen

So today I went to work and kept myself mighty busy! I had lots to do and it sure passed the 5 hours I needed to be there. And the cool thing is, even while I was shelving or packing up items to be shipped to other libraries, I still talked to God through it all! I like that there is no set formula or ritual on when or how to pray to God (although unfortunately it is done these days). I went to Arby's tonight with my sisters so we could use some gift cards we got from our grandparents for Christmas. I liked the one sandwich I had (the "All-American" roast), but the other two (some roastbeef sandwich with melted cheddar cheese) wasn't worth my stomach's time :P What I've been doing lately is setting my mind more and more on God and the things that matter instead of my mind always being set on the things this world offers, which most of time are petty things that waste my own time. It's hard to do 'cause our human nature desires the things this world offers, but I know that what God offers is what is good and best for me instead of what I "think" is best. And I've also been trying to have a much more positive attitude with the way situations and circumstances turn out. Sometimes they are negative (or at least what I perceive to be negative) when really God is doing something greater and better! I only know this because He has done this on multiple occasions and I only see the greater reasons for the happenings when I look back at how I even got to where I am. Then I appreciate the work God did and what He will do in the next situation. And lately, I've been going through some confusion and emotional strain (and I don't think stress helps). Sometimes, I just don't know what is going on anymore. I know God is up to something greater, but what exactly is that? I don't know. And perhaps I won't know for a while....uugghhh...I hate patience. Well, I guess I have no choice but to utilize it :P "Don't Waste Your Life" is an awesome book! I'm reading it yet a second time and it's so revealing! My number 1 passion is for teenagers and their walk with Christ. If they're already believers, then I desire to see them grow in Christ more (myself included). And if they're not already believers, I desire to see them come to Christ! And then grow more in Him! Like really, it's a desire, the same way I get when I have free time on my hands and I desire to play some Halo on Xbox. Same deal, lol! But seriously! I know I may be a repeat when it comes to sharing how or what I feel, but...well...it's how I feel! And maybe there's a reason why I repeat it. I'm just excited about the work of God in my life and I LOVE sharing with people! And hopefully someone is reading this and being blessed. That's what I'm aiming for. May God be glorified through these writings! :)

P.S. As you can all see, I like to update this blog like everyday! Soooo, if you're reading these, check everyday, preferably at night 'cause that's the time when I like to write :) And I know I'm kinda random when writing, but you know what? It adds spice ;)

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